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Most MLM Distributors fail to create massive momentum in their business because they lack a Plan-Of-Action specifically designed to create this type of result. Or even worse, have no clue how to keep it duplicating down through their team long-term, creating the sustainable income they desire.

In this bog post I will lay out 2 simple and very effective strategies, guaranteed to jump-start your business, all Network Marketing distributors can follow no matter the company or the product…


Free ‘Momentum Strategies’ For All MLM Distributors

The key to making money in any business is to create huge momentum and keep it going! This is especially important for new work from home distributors. The first 30 days is a very crutial time period because based on the results they get during this time, will determine if they even stick around for 60, 90 or even a year or more from now. And the best way to increase their chances for sticking around is to make sure they get a check!

What creates a check is excitement, activity and things happening! You see, people want to be a part of something bigger than they are. They want to be a part of something on the move. So, you have to create that environment and get it duplicating down through your team.

Listen to this video if you are brand new in your company, have been in a while and your team is not growing or you are doing great and want to take your business to a different level and double your income in the next 30 days… (Specific Details and Instructions Revealed)

Free ‘Momentum Strategies’ For All MLM Distributors (Con’t)

Now what this video just talked about goes against what most of us see and hear from the online guru’s. Telling you don’t make a mlm distributors list, don’t contact your friends and family, build your business on auto-pilot, etc… (all this does have a place and time and does work, just not right now in your business)

But I’m here to tell you that people like the old school amway distributors and herbalife distributors didn’t have a mlm distributors blog to build their business and many of them made huge incomes and built large downlines back in the day. And many of them don’t even actively build their business any more and still get a check from the momentum they created years ago. Strategies like this even work. Click here.

Bottom line is, getting the ball rolling for all mlm distributors is the toughest thing to do. Once it starts, it’s a lot easier to keep it moving and to pick up more speed. These 2 strategies I talked about in the video are the exact way I build and teach my team to build as well and it has yet to fail to produce massive results!

Try it and let me know your results. Leave a comment below if this has helped and also to share what’s taking place in your business!
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