mlm recruiting tipsFollow these mlm recruiting tips I share with you in this blog post to grow your business and your check over these upcoming holidays!

Plus, these mlm recruiting secrets will launch your business into momentum and help you start the new year off right!


Ever wonder what questions to ask your prospects to get them to join your business? Be sure to watch this MLM Recruiting Tips Video I did for even more ways to master the art of prospecting. (In this video I reveal my top 10 MLM Prospecting Questions I ask when I am talking to people about joining my team.)Secret: You don’t always want just anyone and everyone in your business…

MLM Recruiting Tips That Work During The Holidays

Each year around this time, most people ask a question in some form or another, wanting to know..

How do I build my business over the holidays?

And fair enough, that’s a great question! Most people get extremely busy shopping, visiting family and taking time to do other things because they get a few extra days off work. The last thing someone wants to do is take a look a “business opportunity”! Or is it? (More on this later…)

On the flip side of that, talking to people about your business when you are around your family and friends during Thanksgiving or at Christmas parties or bringing in the New Year is something you aren’t feeling comfortable about and probably has you a little nervous feeling inside. Am I right?

Network Marketing recruiting definately has a time and place just as right and wrong ways of doing it. Here’s a few good tips. Most top recruiters will have their best months over the holidays because they understand how effective this time of year can be for building a business. And part of their mlm recruiting system is to use this time wisely.

Points To Remember About MLM Recruiting Tips:

  • Don’t Take Off / Stay Focused
  • Seeing friends, family and even meeting new people you wouldn’t normally see. Take advantage of the situation of coming together as an opportunity to help them out with your products and/or services. And an opportunity to share the business side of things too.
  • People add on a ton of extra debt this time of year! Show them a way to pay it off and release the stress.
  • New Year Resolutions are made. Things like: make more money, start a new business, get healthier, etc. You have an answer for them.
  • Give away your product or services as gifts! This is an awesome way to expose your companies products to people. Plus, this will also increase your customer base for months to come. This is a great mlm tip for beginners!

#1 Benefit – By using this time of year to grow your business, it begins to create momentum in your business and sets you up for success heading into the new year! I’m pretty safe to say that one of your goals for this upcoming new year is to also, make more money, build a bigger business and make it the best year ever!!!

The way to do that, is to start NOW! Look at this time of year as a Positive and make big things happen!
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